At European Auto we make sure your entire brake system is in perfect working order.  We begin with a thorough inspection of both your front and rear brakes to assess which components need service or replacement. Our Certified Technicians inspect your brake’s lining condition, rotors and drums, wheel cylinders and calipers, brake hardware, hoses and lines, as well as the master cylinder. Wear and tear depends upon various factors including age of vehicle and mileage.

During our comprehensive brake service, we inspect and repair:

  • Refinish and resurface rotors and drums within machine specifications. In some cases, they may need to be replaced if they are too worn out and become too thin to resurface.
  • Replace any damaged or corroded lines. We only use safety-rated materials for brake lines.
  • Ensure wheel cylinders and calipers are free if any leaks or corrosion.
  • Remove any cracked hoses and install new ones so all fittings are snug.
  • Lubricate caliper pins and contact points
  • Clean and repack wheel bearings, installing new grease seals when necessary.
  • Pressure the exchange system with fresh brake fluid.