Oil Service

Changing your oil regularly protects your European vehicle’s engine from premature wear and tear. At European Auto Repair we follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for oil and filter replacement. Stop by and we can determine the best maintenance schedule for your Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, or Volvo. It’s particularly important to keep your car oil fresh when:

  • Making frequent and short trips (typically around town and less than 5 miles per trip)
  • Driving in extreme temperatures (e.g., hot summer days and frosty winters)
  • Stop-and-go traffic (common here in Silicon Valley)
  • Long periods of time when idling or driving for long stretches at low speeds
  • Long trips especially during hot weather or hilly terrain
  • Driving in dusty road conditions due to construction

Regular oil changes will ensure your vehicle gets the preventive care it needs to keep you safe and on the road.